I met John in the middle of some significant changes on a number of fronts, and he has been invaluable during the process of reconfiguration.

His warmth, humour and ability to connect frame a remarkable ability to smooth the passage through the ‘white noise’ to get to clarity and forward momentum.

John is continually levelling up, and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone wanting to clear a path and level up in any aspect of their own lives.

Margaret Pickering
Co-Founder and COO at Stickmen Media

Hi John

Just to let you know I did the 10k part of the ChCh marathon yesterday, and ran it all.  I am so pleased, and I don’t think it could have happened without your help at the start, when I felt like it was all impossible.

Many thanks,


Hi John

I just thought I’d pass on some positive feedback from the guys here at Dynamic.  Every one of them who sat down with you last week following the latest change proposal announcement came out feeling much better about themselves and the situation after having a chat with you.

Hopefully this will bode well for when the change is actually made as some of these guys will end up coming into my team.  And if not I think they should be in a better space going forward.

Thanks for your ongoing support – it’s much appreciated

Craig Jackson
Hardware and Mechanical Manager
Dynamic Controls

I’ve worked with John several times over the last year, both in a team environment and on a one-on-one basis.

John provided our team with a leadership workshop that focussed on the concept of well-being, self-care and coping strategies, and how to apply this in a leadership role. This workshop was inclusive and engaging, and well-received by all attendees.

John also worked with us on team culture, particularly around identifying our individual strengths and how we could leverage these individual strengths to achieve greater team strength. We all learnt some interesting things about ourselves and each other, which helped in understanding our team dynamics, as well as setting some goals on team culture and behaviours.

On a personal note, I have been on a journey over several years to improve my overall well-being and balance. I had already made significant changes in my life around diet, but felt that I needed to focus more on mindfulness. John provided mindfulness coaching for me, starting with understanding where I was at and what I hoped the benefits of a focus on mindfulness would provide, to helping me to establish a mindfulness space and routine that I’ve now incorporated as part of my daily life. In doing so, he has helped me improve my energy and clarity.

More recently, while looking to make some changes around direction and goals in my life, John has listened and asked questions to help me understand my drivers and goals and provided his guidance and advice on how to progress with implementing changes to achieve these goals.

I would recommend John to any organisations or individuals who are undergoing change or looking to understand and improve their direction and overall well-being.

Beth Gordon
Systems Manager

I have found John to be extremely passionate and vibrant with every interaction we have had. His positivity and upbeat personality is infectious which rubbed off onto me and helped me to bring down the barriers that I was holding on to.

His tools & knowledge in helping me think about what is important in life was invaluable to me. John has helped me immensely with focus, values and tools to help me through the process of not only finding out my destination, but on working through what pathways I want to take & enjoy in getting there.

I can definitely recommend John to anyone who needs a helping hand in improving themselves and lifestyle to not only benefit themselves but others in their life too.

Jarrod (Personal Trainer)

John is one of the most skilful, wise and discerning coaches I’ve ever worked with.

His approach empowers his clients to come to realisations themselves and therefore own them.

Johns deep listening, and thoughtful questions have led me to new insights that are really helping me to take positive action and clarify how my choices align to my values and beliefs.

Thanks so much for your support John, It’s made a huge difference and I can’t wait to continue working with you!

Learning Architects

Hi Johnny

The Drug and Alcohol Policy education went really well on Friday and we got some great feedback. 

Your individual knowledge in this area was outstanding and came across in a very well presented hours training session, you managed to engage and encourage personal interaction within the group as well as driving home the importance and significance of the topic.

Many Thanks

Dairy Works NZ

John Squire has made an impact on our Canterbury Recovery (CR) Leadership team, initially through yoga which assisted the team to understand the benefits of yoga at a time of stress. He also supported them to understand how to balance work demands, recovery, the circle of influence and attaining and maintaining personal resilience in order to support and lead their teams.

The team found John easily tuned into what their needs were both individually and as a team and used his low key, collaborative style to assist them understand what their objectives were and to help deliver on them. John delivers in a very relaxed and engaging manner, he encourages people to speak up and ask questions.

I would strongly recommend John to any company that is undergoing change or wants to encourage their people to optimise health and wellness in line with improving performance and work life balance.


My team still talk about what Johnny shared with us at our conference. The most talked about is marginal gains and beliefs. Johnny’s presentation has definitely helped me and my team in our business and personal lives. I would highly recommend Johnny’s services to any business.

Bolle NZ

We recently held an Introduction to Wellness workshop with John Squire for our team – he was great! It has started some really good conversations amongst some of the team, and I feel it was what we really needed to get a start on our health and wellness strategy.

John facilitated this session in such a way that made everyone feel like they were having a ‘chat’ as opposed to being ‘talked/lectured at’. He has made what can sometimes feel like a mountain to conquer – change/wellness – into a simplistic and realistic possibility. Very encouraging and inspiring.

Moore Stephens Markhams

We were fortunate to have John Squire facilitate our Drug and Alcohol workshop. John delivered a very professional and thought-provoking training which opened up good robust discussions around the policies intent. The feedback that I have had from my staff is that they very much enjoyed the training and learned a lot from it.


Since the events of Feb 22, our Christchurch based senior leaders have had their leadership capacity tested in unprecedented, challenging ways in supporting their employees.

John is the person that for me immediately comes to mind when it is our leaders that are the ones that need the support. I have a great deal of trust and confidence with John’s ability to support our team members as I know he can handle the really tough situations and get our leaders back on track.

Dynamic Controls

With an approach to ‘total well-ness’, Johnny targets more than the issue at hand, he assists the client to identify their own journey of personal and professional growth. I would recommend Johnny to any organisation or individual who wishes to seek out, and embrace clarity, priority, growth, and balance.

L.B. Coaching Client

I have been working with John for much of 2017. Prior to starting my sessions with John, I felt that I needed more balance in my life; I was tired and always running and I wondered whether yoga might be the solution. What I have taken and will continue to draw on from John how the practice of yoga and the reality of life is absolutely connected and how I can use the lessons from yoga in balancing myself into my everyday life and work.

John uses a combination of wellness focused coaching and yoga technique in my sessions and this has allowed me to benefit holistically; mentally, emotionally and physically. My greatest learning so far is to enjoy the journey – and not to simply strive for the destination or the result.

Decipher Group

Johnny’s relaxed presentation style and the interesting workshop content made it easy for our attendees to engage and make the most of the learning opportunity”

Hohepa Canterbury